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the .NET Celebrity Charity Auction: Why the bids still all say $100

multi-item auctions are REALLY wierd on ebay.

According to EBay’s algorithm (designed for the thrifty, not for the charitable) nobody is supposed to have to pay more than the lowest winning bid. So, though many have already bid more than $100, there are still not enough bids to push away the last of the $100 winning bids. Therefore all of the “winning bids” still are sitting at $100. I don’t know what it will take to get these things moving. Lots of bids. Lots and lots of bids. EBay doesn’t really like charity auctions, I think.

Here’s from the eBay site about multi-item auctions:

Bids are displayed when you click on the “Bidders list” link. Bids that are not currently winning show their bid prices, but bids that are winning show the price that they would pay if the auction ended immediately. This means that, in the Bid History, all winning bids show the same price per unit – the lowest winning bid. To place a winning bid (a bid that wins at least some units), you need to exceed this price.

Our .NET Ebay Auction *is* Tax-Deductible

I have been asked about the auction being tax deductible.


So get your clients and your companies to bid!! I told my clients about the auction and said “hey, can you hire me some help for when I get really stuck on something?” Even an hour of having someone like Kimberly Tripp take a look at their SQL Server setup would be invaluable!!

The PayPal account ([email protected]) that the winners send their $ to is a U.S. 501c3 non-profit. If you want to donate a lot of $ to them (regardless of your eBay bid or even if you win) you can even send a check or wire money.

More info is on this page