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Got an Entity Framework question?

You might be able to imagine that I get a lot of EF questions from developers via direct email, the contact form on my blog and even on twitter. While I try to (and want to) help, I don’t always have the time to respond to everyone’s questions.

There are two excellent forums where you will find that there are many developers answering questions that have become extremely knowledgeable about Entity Framework. This includes members of the Entity Framework team.

When I have time, I take a look at the forums also to see if there are questions I can answer.

I have also produced a lot of content (much of it free) on Entity Framework that you might benefit from such as:

Free at

There is also a forum for the book where your questions may have already been answered (free)

Hundreds of blog posts on Entity Framework (free)

A monthly column, Data Points, in MSDN Magazine. (free online)

Additionally, I can be hired as a mentor for your development project so that I can help with random questions, code reviews and much more. I can do this remotely or even onsite and would be happy to send you my mentoring rates and other details. I typically require an 8 hour retainer for this service.

Finally, if you just have a question or two and you still want my undivided attention, I can be bought and will be happy to send you my rates.

Feb 2023: Fighting bots and have disabled the contact form. julielerman @ gmail dot com