New EF Core and Domain-Driven Design Course on Pluralsight!

MY NEW Pluralsight COURSE IS OUT! EF Core 6 and Domain-Driven Design. Yippee! I spent 3 months heads down on this (and years preparing for it!)

This happily aligns with a current 50% off sale on annual subscriptions.

Also note that as with *all* PS courses, they are limited to “expanded” library for the first few days but this will be part of the standard library (available to all) hopefully by the end of this week.

Short description
“Data persistence is important to your application workflow. This course will teach you how to use Entity Framework Core 6 and 7 effectively to persist data from your DDD designed software.”

The module titles should give you a better flavor of this course:

  • Understanding Where EF Core 6 Fits Alongside DDD (Includes an overview of DDD)
  • Analyzing and Planning Our Domain (Strategic and tactical design walkthrough)
  • Exploring the Contract Bounded Context Solution
  • Adding the First EF Core DbContext
  • Tuning Default Mappings for the Data Model
  • Using Integration Tests to Validate Persistence
  • Reasoning About Many-to-Many Variations
  • Mapping Aggregates to Azure CosmosDB
  • Organizing Persistence Logic to Support DDD Design (Repositories, services, search and sharing data and events across bounded contexts)


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6 thoughts on “New EF Core and Domain-Driven Design Course on Pluralsight!

  1. Julie, I just recently purchased the second edition of the Programming Entity Framework book, feeling that even though the book was somewhat dated, it would be of great value to me. I’m not at all disappointed in my purchase; but I tried downloading some of the material from the website: site and it appears as if all the links are “stale” and don’t work. I wanted to get the sample database to work with, but likewise it doesn’t seem to be available. I do have the Community editions of VS 2019 and 2022 and have both the Northwind and Adventureworks databases installed. I have SQL Server Management Studio and another database from another sample app I found on the internet – SchoolDB. I’m sure I could use these as I go through the book but I thought it might behoove me to have the sample that is referred to in the book. Anyway, great book so far. Any possibility you know of to get the sample code from the book and the sample DB to “play” with? Thanks.

      1. No, not stuck on the old version, but I had to reinstall VS2010 on order to get the examples to work from your Programming Entity Framework (2nd edition) book
        so that I could almost get things running. I’m at chapter 9 and ripping my hair out. with getting the wpf form in figure 9-15 to work. Several issues: firstly, I get a strange data format error when creating the destinationViewSource but I can’t figure that out at all. Apparently in trying to create the view source it’s giving me a format exception and I can’t find the problem. So, I click continue to go on and the “destination” combobox shows data when I click the down arrow, but the box is empty otherwise – not changing to match what’s selected in the trips. I’ve tried your example code for the book and, of course, don’t get a “format exception” and the combobox show what it’s supposed to; however, your code doesn’t match what’s showing in the book at this point (page 222) I’ve probably spent enough time on it and maybe just ought to go on, but I’m afraid I’ll just make matters worse. Then again, maybe I’ll get to the point where my code is supposed to match yours and all will be well. What do you think?

  2. Julie,
    I decided to copy your XAML code for the destinationComboBox into my XAML as I’d looked at the code over and over again, finding nothing…but I’ve been at it a while. Anyway, it worked…so I can only assume I had something wrong the with definition of that combo box. So, I’ve moved along nicely getting through that chapter…I would like to see at least a post about converting this code to a later (current?) version of .NET and EF 6(or?) I originally start my journey down this path with EF 6 and .NET 4.8 (also tried other, later versions) but while I was able to get the console app to work I wasn’t successful with the Windows Forms or WPF apps. Thanks for the well-written book(s).

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