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orkut again

Okay so now I am getting something like spam in orkut. You can send an email blast to all of your friends (I have like 10) or to the whole network of friends of friends of freinds… mine says 12,858. So I can’t say the messages I’m getting are coming from 10th generation friends or anything – in fact they are only one away, so each of these is from someone who is a direct friend of someone who is my own personal direct friend. I just don’t know… I will keep looking at it. I am not inviting anybody else in. I only invited 2 people who weren’t already in and one of them really is anti-orkut! Don’t take it personally. It doesn’t make sense for me to do that when I don’t quite believe in whatever it is yet.

I do have to say that I did get this apology in a message though:

“I shoulda done the math on friend of friends before pushing the button. yeeeeagh! “

So, maybe also a lot of this is just that people have to figure out how to use it and what they want to do with it…

Orkut madness

Halley, I totally hear ya! I just don’t GET it. Yeah, I got invited, and checked it out and invited you too, but that was about a week ago and now I am really wondering what the point is. I *have* a network. In fact, sometimes I think I am overnetworked. I don’t know what Orkut adds to the mix. Except flattery. I was flattered by some of the invites I had. But [wo]man cannot live on ego alone!