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I’ve been creating video training for Pluralsight and Microsoft (MSDN).

My library at Pluralsight continues to grow. Pluralsight requires a subscription. You can start with a 10-day trial or contact me for a special 30-day trial code.

Pluralsight - Hardcore Developer Training

From a subscriber: “Your videos on Pluralsight are absolutely wonderful. Pluralsight itself is a gold mine — your contribution is top notch.”
Course Released
Getting Started with Entity Framework 6 July 2015
Looking Ahead to Entity Framework 7 Mar 2015
EF6 Ninja Edition – What’s New in EF6 Nov 2014
Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals July 2014
Automated Testing for Fraidy Cats LikeMe May 2013
Entity Framework 4.0 By Example Aug 2010
Entity Framework and Data Models Nov 2010
Designer Supported EDM Customization Jan 2011
Querying the Entity Framework Feb 2011
Entity Framework 4.1 – Code First Jun 2011
Entity Framework 4.1 – DbContext Sep 2011
Data Layer Validation with EF 4.1+ Feb 2012
Entity Framework Code First Migrations Mar 2012
Getting Started with Entity Framework 5 Mar 2013
Entity Framework in the Enterprise Sep 2012
Some of my conference sessions are online.
Check out:

Lots of conference videos on Channel 9

Cross platform .NET, welcome to the new age! A demo done entirely in OSX at DotNetFringe 2016:

InfoQ Interview on EF Core (from QCon Sao Paolo, 2016)infoq

Entity Framework Model Partitioning in Domain-Driven Design Bounded Contexts
from TechEd 2014 North America

Entity Framework in Core Business Applications and Domain-Driven Design Approaches
from TechEd 2013 North America

Here’s an variation of that talk (different focus and my ideas had evolved) that I did in November 2013 at Oredev:

Entity Framework in Core-Business Applications that Leverage DDD from Øredev Conference on Vimeo.

I created this next set of (free access) videos for Microsoft ( for EF4.1. I hope you are able to use more recent technologies, but didn’t want to over look these.