I love working with development teams.

If you need help with your  software architecture/design, evolving your legacy software or with Entity Framework, I can help.

I work as a coach to development teams for small and large companies all over the world. I can also facilitate Event Storming workshops at your company to help you learn where best to invest in your software systems.

On Site

I love sitting down with development teams and hashing over their code! This has proven invaluable for many of my clients. For onsite visits, I charge by the day. I do not charge for travel time. Client is responsible for all travel expenses. Depending on how much travel is involved to reach you, I require a relative minimum number of days.


If coming on site is not an option, we can meet virtually over the internet, by phone or just email. Offsite can be any type of remote work such as via email, Live Meeting (or similar), instant messenger or phone. Remote work also covers any tasks that I do for you from home such as research, code review, writing proof of concept code, etc. When I get to work from home, I charge an hourly rate.

Come to Vermont!

I live just outside of Burlington, Vermont. Vermont is beautiful. Burlington is beautiful and lots of fun, great restaurants, live music etc. There are some fantastic meeting spaces in Burlington.  I’m a big fan of Office Squared.


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    Feb 2023: Fighting spam bots. You can email me: julielerman at gmail dot com