ADO.NET 2.0 Problems encoutered with February CTP

1) SqlDependency is throwing a wierd error just after the notification comes back from the sql server to the client: ObjectDisposedException – no stack trace, not happening within a method. This also effects the Web.Cache.SqlCacheDependency which uses the class (someone at MS is helping me with this one)

2) iXmlSerializable features of DataTable appear to be broken. I only tried two – passing a datatable from a web service (the webmethod that returns a datatable is getting serialized improperly) and DataTable.Merge (it just adds, does not merge)

3) Bulk Copy is throwing a bizarre error nowhere to be found in google. When I run the WriteToServer method it throws an exception quickly that says “Cannot access destination table ‘mytablename'”. I can’t see in the profiler what’s going on. Duh! One second after I posted this I remembered. It’s an INSERT! Previously I was deleting all rows from the destination table and then doing the bulk copy. This time I’m using a different table from AdventureWorks. I have to get the empty table in there first.

This is a bummer – 3 2 of my demos for my 2 talk are dead for now. But I knew what I was in for…

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