Justifying new features in Whidbey

I am reading Pablo Castro’s article on doing Asynchronouos processing in ADO.NET 2.0. Pablo is a/the (?) Program Manager on the ADO.NET team. This is the guy who, in his What’s New in ADO.NET Whidbey session at TechEd said that his team fought over a particular feature “because we love the developers“. They do. Dig deeply into into ADO.NET 2.0 and you will believe this. They love us and they want to make our lives easier.

Anyway, the article …. of course, I can’t really STREAM this article through my brain. I have to keep going back and forth until I grok what he is talking about and my head is spinning but I’m getting it and that’s a great feeling. However this, so far, is my favorite quote from his article:

Designing features based on their “cool factor” is too easy and too tempting, so we try to avoid it by making sure that we have a relevant application scenario for each and every new feature that we ship.


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