Reminder: ADO.NET 2.0 MARS Webcast tomorrow

I hope everyone got to catch the ADO.NET 2.0 (What’s New Overview) webcast that Mark Dunn and Glen Gordon did yesterday. If not, look for it to show up in the on-demand webcasts soon.

Tomorrow at 12pm EST I will be doing another ADO.NET 2.0 webcast with Glen, specifically on the topic of MARS (Multiple Active Result Sets). This is a great feature of SQL Server 2005 that is leveraged by ADO.NET, but before you use it, you should understand what it does, where you will benefit from it, where you will be better off without it and some potential booby traps to avoid.

MARS will let you do some really interesting stuff with transactions as well as help you write some cleaner code in your ADO.NET.

Register here for the MARS webcast.

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