How to reach decision makers?

One of the current lead stories on is about how the web played an instant and important role after the tsunami disaster. I couldn’t help notice this paragraph

Both and feature links to the American Red Cross. EBay allows sellers to donate 10 to 100 percent of their proceeds to UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, through eBay Giving Works, as well as other charities.

Apple had their home page changed really quickly. Microsoft’s is now all about links to aid also, but it took them longer to get to it. So Apple and Amazon get the great mention here and deserve it to for their speed in making the decision to switch the home page and carrying it through.

It’s really hard to make things happen quickly at big companies. I’m finding that as we are trying to get donations from companies. I emailed the p.r. person from a hard drive manufacturer asking for a hard drive. You think that would be GOOD p.r. But she has to ask around. It will take a few days. It’s a $200 hard drive (retail).

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