IDEP Responds to Indonesia Earthquake

IDEP is the organizaton that I worked closely with after the devastating tsunami in Dec 2004. As a local organization, they were able to respond immedately and effectively to the worst affected area – Aceh Province. They continue their steady work in Aceh and the organization has grown. As soon as I read about the earthquake yesterday, the first thing I did was go look at their site to see if there was any news.

This morning, I received this email.

Dear friends of IDEP,
On Saturday the 27th of May at 5:55 am an Earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale hit Central Java with the epicenter in the sea south of the city of Jogyakarta. The earthquake lasted for over 57 seconds with a second smaller earthquake occurring at 10.15 am. It appears that Bantul area south of Jogyakarta bore the brunt of the damage with almost all buildings being flattened and deaths numbering in the hundreds also Klaten has been badly affected. In Jogyakarta the quake caused serious structural damage to many of the cities buildings.

The current death toll is close to 5,000 and expected to rise, injured 20,000, and countless people are still buried in the rubble. Over 200,000 people are currently displaced, many of whom lost everything when their houses collapsed.

Through our partners in the area IDEP has received reports of many people not having eaten since the quake struck. Stockpiles of food, medicines and shelter prepared for the impending volcanic eruption of mount Merapi, which is in the same area are being exhausted.

IDEP is responding to the crisis.

Today, IDEP sent a team of 6 volunteers, with a truck full of medicine and emergency relief supplies, to the affected area. They will assist with search and rescue, deliver much needed emergency supplies and offer assistance to the local teams that are already on the ground – who have been working around the clock since the disaster struck. The experienced team of volunteers from Bali are expected to arrive tomorrow midday, road conditions permitting.

Today, IDEP also emptied its bank account’s emergency reserve fund to initiate the purchasing of Aid Buckets and other Emergency supplies through two of our trusted local partners in the area:

  • Yayasan IBU / Rakata – key partners in the delivery of aid in 2005 to the Tsunami struck Calang, and
  • Kelompok Peduli Bencana / KAPPALA – A group of local volunteers headed up by Eko Teguh (expert advisor to IDEP’s Community Based Crisis response Program)
As with our Tsunami appeal, where IDEP channeled over US$ 1,000,000 of funds donated by people like you to help victims, we are again calling for donations to help victims of the Java Quake. IDEP will continue to collect funds and channel assistance to victims of the Java Earthquake over the next few weeks and continue to asses the needs on the ground as the situation unfolds. We will be sending out regular updates about progress on the ground.

If you are able to help

Please visit our website for complete donation details

More information about IDEP’s activates in Jogyakarta will be posted on our website as of tomorrow.

For information about making donations contact : [email protected]

Thank you so much for any help you are able to provide.

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