Need help getting a shipment of equipment to indonesia (help =$$)

We are pulling together a shipment of equipment to go to the aceh aid coordinators. The list is not yet fulfilled either. HEre is the original list:

20 Apple laptops (with analog modems), our network and relevant others
are Apple (12 should be small powerbooks or ibooks) (some of this might be covered now)
12 Solar laptop chargers
24 Solar or human-powered (crank) chargers for cellphones
Satellite telephones, as many as possible
3 Portable printers and supplies of ink cartridges
24 Blackberries (and a way to solar or crank charge them if possible)
48 Digital cameras (some of this might be covered now)

We don’t just need this stuff , we need some funding for some of it (we have an offer to sell some of it really cheaply) and we need to pay for shipping it and also flying someone over there to work with them for a week getting everything set up. Any connections anyone has (FAST FAST FAST) would be great.

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