MVC with Visual Basic video series

Bill Burrows has created a series of videos on MVC and is now working on a new series based on Scott Guthrie’s MVC tutorial posts (which are all in C#) but using VB instead. I was surprised to find a pointer to my recent MVC post as a “rare example” of MVC with VB (and it’s only one little post so I found that to be sad) so I’m happy Bill is doing these. It gives a leg up to VB developers who find it hard to try to learn something that is VERY new and convert the C# syntax in their brain at the same time.

Here’s the list of topics covered

  An Overview of the MVC Pattern
  Setting up the MVC Preview Environment
  URL Routing
  Setting up New Pages
  MVC Controller Actions 
  Creating HTML in Views 
  MVC – Putting it all together

Thanks to Beth for the heads up.

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