BLInk! and Get Categories from blog

A few people asked for a “get categories” feature for BLInk!. I have this implemented (not yet deployed) but have found something odd. I am testing against dasBlog and dotText.

With dasBlog, I can GetCategories from MetaWeblog and Blogger APIs. With dotText, it fails with the Blogger API. Further research explains that the Blogger API does not support GetCategories. So I can only guess that Clemens, Omar and others who worked on dasBlog did their own implementation somehow.

So I will have to disable the GetCategories feature for Blogger API all together.

Here’s how the feature will work.

  • Category list exists in settings
  • The Post UI will grab the categories from the settings.
  • Post UI has a “Update Categories from Blog” button. Of course, this only works when you are online. This will referesh the categories list and the settings info.

Oh, and the categories will be listed alphabetically now.

Note that with dasBlog, if you add a category via settings and select it with your post, the categories list will get updated on your blog.

I will note when I update the installer with this feature.

Thanks to Don Kiely for helping me decide how to implement this.

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