Testing Blink with Ink

I’m now using Blink! in it’s near full capacity lam able to store all of my necessary settings for FTP & Blogger or MetaBlog API usage.

of course that info is encryted when it is persisted to XML!

Drawings are saved locally and the user can upload them at the same time or choose to do that later. in the case of later, the html reflects a local file path.

posts can also be saved locally – since one isn’t always connected. The storage is just xml again.

so since I am on the airplane, without internet access, although better than that, I have christian Nagel ten seats be hind me.

so I will just save this post here and at a later time I hill retrieve it and then post it to my blog.

and just for fun…

Addendum: I now have web access and opened up this saved post and will now post it to my blog.

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