A professional development course on Blogging!

Yes you read that title correctly. I just learned about this class through it’s instructor, Nancy Pera who’s blog “BlahBlahBlog” has the skinny on this class. Don’t you just love that name? BlahBlahBlog!

“…professional development course on blogging–The Reading-Writing Connection: Internet Publishing made SIMPLE with Weblogs. I teach in the second largest district in the nation, and as far as I know this will be the first blogging course offered. I wonder what will happen.

The class is for teachers, though Nancy also works with elementary school students and they are learning about blogging as well.

Nancy is also a fan of tablets and has encouraged me to stop sleeping at night and get BLInk! finished so that I can share it with her students. (She did not put on that heavy pressure, that’s my own doing).

Not only can you read about the course as it progresses on Nancy’s blog (can I just say that title again? BlahBlahBlog!), but you can see the output from the class here which includes some pros and cons.

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