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When I moved away from weblogs.asp.net, I was adamant that I wanted to be able to cross-post back to there. That way I could write whatever the heck I wanted here and then push only .net related stuff over there. I started to get frustrated by having a split personality, by having comments there and not here and finally by realizing that many people were reading my blog there as part of the main feed and not realizing that I am over here. So I haven’t cross-posted in a long long time. (Though I did make two “teaser” posts that pointed to posts that I wrote here.) So I noticed today that on the new blogs.asp.advice feed that Jeff Julian has a blog there. That confuses me. I think that personally I am more of the mind that I want to read what someone says all in one place – I am after the person, not the topic so much. Steve Smith moved over there, too but i think that is going to be his only place for posting. Alex Lowe is there which now adds to his posts since he is also on blogs.msdn.com (aka weblogs.asp.net/MainFeed.aspx?GroupID=2). However Alex clearly states on the new blog that “This blog exists only to highlight interesting discussions on AspAdvice.com. Stay tuned for pointers! “

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