bring on the MS bloggers

Wow! Lots of “tests posts” on the dotnetweblogs yesterday. And did you notice who they were from? A whole bunch of folks from Microsoft. That’s pretty cool that this is where they want to be and it says a lot about this blogsite as well as the great tool that Scott has built.

This morning when I opened up Sharpreader and looked at the mainfeed from there. I have to say it was overwhelming. Because the authors are not exposed in the display of post titles, it is really hard to pick and choose what you want to look at when you just cannot look at them all. I actually just went elsewhere though I came back later and started digging through the posts.

I think I went “south”  (to my new blog) just in time. I don’t know why, when presented with so many new posts, someone would choose something of mine over something from a Microsoft developer/program manager/etc that is more likely to be full of useful technical content. I know that only people who are explicitly looking for my posts will ever read them anymore rather than the coolness of having someone discover something you wrote because they were looking through the main feed. But I knew that when I moved my weblog.

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