dasBLOG Category RSS feeds fixed

Thanks to Scott Hanselman for hunting down and fixing what he referred to as a “latent and **HORRIBLE** bug” 🙂 that surfaced in the latest version of dasBlog. It was mucking up the RSS feeds when you were filtering on a category. For example, my VTdotNETFeed RSS was randomly selecting a handful of posts from the past, with nothing newer than April showing.

So that code ahs been fixed. It will be in the versoin 1.8 which has not yet been released. If you want the fix now, you can go to the SourceForge dasBlog workspace, into the CVS Repository (bottom of the page), and then drill into the source folder, then newtelligence.dasBlog.Web.Services folder. The fix is to the SyndicationServiceBase.cs file.

To fix this now, it requires downloading the entire current dasBlog source, updating the contents of that one file, and rebuilding and redeploying the newtelligence.dasBlog.Web.Services project.

Thanks again, Scott!


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