Male Bonding blogging

Sometimes when I read blogs (and I’m talking about those from the .NET community) I think that the male bloggers (you know, that 99% of the .NET bloggers) are definitely writing for guys, when in the context of a technical post, they make some joke about their sexual prowress or the hottie quality of a particular woman. I don’t really think a post like that was written for me. I dunno – maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I’m ultra sensitive. Even if I am highly unlikely to ever be the subject of “who’s the hottest…” 🙂

But it is a bit of a turnoff for me to be lured into a post like that and then suddenly be in the middle of some male bonding ritual. Not a big problem, mind you, because I *am* in the company of men, and I know they are really just being silly more than anything…

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