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largercoverThings are moving again! Our publisher had a production backup due to some staffing changes. Rowan and I are now reviewing the first version of the production manuscript (that is after they’ve converted our Microsoft Word documents into a single doc formatted for the final printing). We’ve got a PDF copy of that and are reading through and marking up any last changes we’d like to have fixed in the manuscript.

We’ve been told that the book will head to the printer (and digital production) on Feb 23rd. If it’s like the Code First book, the digital versions (PDF, mobi (aka kindle) and ebook from  O’Reilly and kindle from Amazon) will be available quickly with the print books to follow a week or so after that. Amazon has the book listed as “shipping March 8th” although I’m hoping that we see it sooner than that.


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10 thoughts on “DbContext book status

  1. Nice! I’m looking forward to this. Do you know if the epub versions will treat the code samples as text or images? I’ve had some tech books in the past where the code samples were images and it really messed up the formatting and legibility on my nook.

  2. Hi Scott,

    I’m not sure about this with epub. Try oreilly’s page re epub [http://oreilly.com/ebooks/epub/] and if that’s not helpful enough there’s an email link on the page that you can use to ask someone directly from oreilly. I’ve only used the PDF.

  3. Hi Julie, just a question for WCF Data Services:

    I created the Northwind WCF Data Service walkthrough but added a method based around a stored procedure which returns iQueryable object data. Tagged, of-course, as [WebGet] e.g.


    public IQueryable<Order> GetOrdersByCustomer(string CustomerID)


    return this.CurrentDataSource.GetOrdersByCustomer(CustomerID).AsQueryable<Order>();


    However, in my client app this method does not get exposed in Intellisense but instead have to build up the URL:

    List<Order> orders = context.Execute<Order>(new Uri("http://localhost:15407/Northwind.svc/GetOrdersByCustomer?CustomerID='VINET'&quot;)).ToList<Order>();

    This is rather self-defeating isn’t it? Hope this gets fixed in a future release. Please comment.

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