News about Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition

Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition (based on the RTM of VS2010/.NET 4.0) is currently available on Safari Rough Cuts at At this point most of the chapters are there. You’ll find 2-23. Note that chapter 4 will be broken into 4 and 5 in the final edition. I changed the chapter numbering after chapter 16 to accommodate this which is why there is no chapter 17. Chapters 24 is about n-Tier CLient applications using an WPF example and chapter 25 is about n-Tier web apps with ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms examples both using the repository built in Chapter 22. Chapter 1 will be introductory as it was in the first edition and Chapter 26 will wrap up some loose ends.

The book is now going through copy editing and technical editing so if you read the rough cuts and find a comma missing, don’t worry about it. If you happen to find something really wrong…a coding boo-boo or a misused term (I’m famous for switching inherits and implements) leave a note in the online feedback form on O’Reilly’s site so we can be sure to correct it before the final cut.

This is a complete rewrite of the book and includes not only the new features of Entity Framework, but chapters on unit testing, building repositories and even using Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC applications. I’ve been working extra hard to be sure the book is current, not just a copy of the first edition.

We’re hoping to have the book in print by mid-July.

You can subscribe to the Rough Cuts, pre-order the final edition on O’Reilly or on Amazon. There will also be a variety of digital versions of the final book

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11 thoughts on “News about Programming Entity Framework 2nd Edition

  1. Congratulations. I’m in awe of anyone who can write a technical book and make it readable to boot (like your first edition).

    When will the books on tape version be ready? 🙂

  2. The first version of the EF was the best technical book I have read it years. Looking forward to the 2nd Edition

  3. Argh… mid-July, thats too bad. REALLY need a good EF4 book right about now 🙂 Going to keep a look out for this when it gets on the market though! Keep up the good work!

  4. Any idea as to whether the web version is supposed to be viewable through the mobile site? I bought the online/print bundle and I can see it as a viewable title on the mobile site, but can’t seem to view anything other than the section headers (viewing it through the Safari browser on iPhone). Please let me know if there’s somewhere else I can find the answer to this – I can’t find any info on the Safari website. Thanks!

  5. I subscibed to safarionline and downloaded the rough cut of this book. But, I can’t find the source code that goes with it.

  6. @KM Rashid

    I just added some text on the downloads page this morning ( explaining that I am not going to start uploading the samples until after the book is in print. I need to stsay focused on editing and getting the book out the door. If I start worrying about the downloads for Rough Cuts, the book will be delayed even longer.

    Thanks for your patience.


  7. Will there be rough cut update with all the chapters between now and when the book is off to print, or is the final book the next release?

  8. Is the 2nd edition only for EF4 or is there some updated EF3.5 in there too?

    Do you talk to EF in WCF web services anywhere?


  9. Hi MIke

    It will focus on EF4. For EF3.5, stick with the first book. The only overlap is that you can use some of the new designer tools in VS2010 even if you are targetting 3.5, e.g. pluralization support.

    I have to chapters on wcf services that also include data services & RIA. The first chapter focuses on EntityObjects and the second on POCOs.


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