What’s in a name?

This week I had to make a very difficult decision. It will make you laugh, but really, it was hard.

I had to decide if my book will say “Julie Lerman” or “Julia Lerman”.

After a LOT of deliberation, I decided to go with my grown up name: Julia Lerman. Which means that any searching on Amazon or whereever for “that book by Julie Lerman” won’t find it.

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6 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Julie/Julia,Don’t compromise!I think you should list your name twice as though you were co-authoring it with yourself."By Julia Lerman and Julie Lerman."An inside joke right there on the cover (making it an outside joke I suppose).Maybe you could convince the publisher to write you two checks, as well.Rob

  2. I like Rob’s idea. Then we could have an interview with the "authors" and you could contradict yourself, like "Julia wanted to do foo but I argued against it and won."This is just too cool.bill

  3. BillLOL – I don’t need any help when it comes to debating myself. It’s one of the highlights of being a Libra (always trying to find balance).

  4. Not many people know this but my first name is "Brian".Keith is actually my middle name.Why my parents decided to use my middle name I don’t know.I was a baby and didn’t have a say so in the matter.Since my "brand" is Keith Elder and not Brian Elder, my obviously choice would beKeith Elder.However, in your case I think you could handle it like this:Julia "Julie" Lerman.The quotes infer preference.I have a friend who has this in his signature:Chris "Woody" WoodruffWhen I first saw this, I knew everyone called him Woody.The same applies to you I think.And, if that doesn’t convince you to at least put the Julie in there, I would seriously consider making it "Julie" since that is your "brand" and what you are known as.My $.02.

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