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Dean’s last words as a candidate

When Howard Dean announced today that he was leaving the presidential campaign, his parting words were still a rallying cry:

You have the power to take our country back so that the flag of the United States of America no longer is the exclusive property of John Ashcroft and Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Falwell, that it belongs to all of us.

Shelley’s State of the Union Analysis

I love Shelley Powers’ perspective on things because it assures that I stop and think twice about what I am hearing or reading.

She prefaces her analysis with this

But it was a life affirming moment when I realized that I didn’t have to make a reasoned response. I am not a Journalist, no not even a wannabe one. I am not an elected official or member of the goverment or candidate for office. I am a regular person, nobody of any importance, and as such I can take all that massive swirling heaving, maelstorm in my brain and literally paint this page with it — and it’s okay! Because I am a Citizen.


Saddam or not?

Seems like everyone’s quickly willing to accept that it truly is Saddam they have captured. I’m a bit of a skeptic. Even my husband noted that he had one heck of a beard for only 9 months of not shaving. It is clearly an advantage politically to have us think that this is indeed Saddam – especially since he is suddenly being referred to as “the biggest terrorist on earth“ – but I will wait a bit longer. Remember that Saddam had a large number of look-a-like stand-ins that were used for public and televised/taped appearances.

add: I wasn’t the only person to wonder about this… Though the raid occurred Saturday afternoon American time, U.S. officials went to great length to keep it quiet until medical tests and DNA testing confirmed Saddam’s identity. I guess by now, they are pretty sure.