ahh – I can blog it now -Microsoft scoops up Shawn Van Ness

I loved meeting Shawn finally at the WMA conference in San Francisco. While we chatted at the Varnish Gallery (where the Tablet party was being held – excellent choice, by the way, Elliot!) I let him know that I had started pestering my MVP leads (plural because I refer to my current and my former) that he should be an MVP, maybe C#. Although he is known for many tablet pc development articles, he is a whiz bang developer and I’m always impressed by his wealth  (and depth) of knowledge in responding to many questions on the Developmentor list that I am a voyeur on. Well, I guess we can say “great minds think alike” – because he told me that it’s a little late for MVP since he had just committed to swallowing the red pill. He is going to work at Microsoft and will have a very very cool job – as the PM on the team responsible for integrating Tablet PC platform into Avalon and WinFX.

Although I’m a little embarrassed (though highly flattered) by something he says in this post, I need to link to it anyway so you can read more

Congrats Shawn!


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