Another new RD – Guy Barrette from Montreal

Hey look at that. Guy Barrette who runs the .net user group in Montreal just emailed to let me know that he has become an RD. This is great news. Montreal has been without an RD for a while. Guy and I do a lot of user group stuff together since we are only 2 hours apart so we try to share resources. He also helps out on the user group relations committee  that I chair for INETA. He works with the user groups in Quebec. 

Guy and I got together to bring Steven Smith from ASPAlliance on a little cross-border tour. He will be here in Vermont in a few weeks to play a little and speak at VErmont.NET and then drive up to Montreal to speak at Guy’s user group. His Montreal gig is an INETA sponsored event. His trip to Vermont is a “Julie bribed me…“ production.

More on that though later…

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