asp.netPRO Reader’s Choice Awards

So, I’m a little late to the party.

I was going thruogh the rest of my pile of mail from while I was at TechEd. I was afraid there might be some bills in there to pay!

There was the June 2004 issue of asp.netPro magazine with the Reader Awards (it took me 10 minutes to find the link to this article – that site has been in need of a major overhaul since it’s inception! and no links to the winner’s either!)

How fun to read through and see:

Scott Cate’s  and Dave Wanta’s kbAlertz get Best Community and Product of the Year

Scott Cate’s  myKB as Best Content Managment System.

Peter Blum’s Peter’s Polling Package as Best Polling Tool and his Date Package as the Best Scheduling/Calendar Tool.

Dave Wanta’s ASPNet Email as Best EMail Control

Andrew Putnam’s dotNetBB as Best Forum App

Mark Miller (and all the folks at Developer Express) ‘s CodeRush as best Add-In and numerous other products from them as well

I loved seeing these! There are other categories and other winners, but I know these guys (though I only met Mark just last week at TechEd and haven’t talked much with Andrew since our emails when dotNetBB was really taking off a few years ago). But Scott and Peter and Dave – cool, cool and cool. Congrats! 

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