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If you don’t know Bill Evjen – he wears a lot of hats. He is a Regional Director, an ASP.NET MVP, an ASPInsider, the leader of the St. Louis .NET User Group and most notably the founder and executive director of INETA. He also has recently become a prolific and interesting blogger. But Bill is also a prolific technical author. If you go to the home page of his blog you will see links to all of the above organizations as well as his many books and articles.

But that’s not even why I wanted to write this post. Here’s what I love about Bill’s books. When you are trying to learn something, reading his book is like having him sit there and explain it to you. He seems to know that in explaining a particular piece of technology, you may not know some of the background so he explains that to you. For example in his web services book, he walks through how to do some basic settings in IIS. I have always found that he speaks my language. He doesn’t explain things from the point of an administrator or a plumber, but from the perspective of someone who is trying to write corporate applications and gets stuck having to worry about a lot of the details that you might not necessarily have the time to become an expert in. I have told this to Bill before, but I thought I would share it.

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