Congrats to Alison Bechdel: Time Mag’s #1 book of the year


Okay, can’t be helped. She lives very nearby. So that means to me, she’s a local yokel. Although, as I don’t know her, I suppose that merely makes me a fan. (blush)

Alison’s book, Fun Home, which I have blogged about, recommended and given to number of friends is on top of Time Mag’s 10 Best Books for 2006. I dont’ read Time, but I do peek at her blog occasionally which is where a typically hilariously titled post when she learned about this.

But it’s not just Time. It’s on a LOT of lists. From another of Alison’s posts:

  • The Times (London) said Fun Home was one of the 10 best books of 2006—books! Not “graphic books,” not “memoirs” (not that there’s anything wrong with that), just Books. Crikey! Sarah Waters’ Night Watch is number 3. Fun Home is number 10.
  • Salon has posted an excerpt and an interview with me.
  • Time and Entertainment Weekly have both included Fun Home in their ‘best of the year’ round-ups. I think they’re on the newsstands now.
  • Medusa…I mean has picked FH as one of the Top 50 Books of 2006 (it’s #44 on the list), and one of the 10 best memoirs.

    I also heard it discussed on this episode of On Point.

    I’m sure this is a VERY abbreviated list.

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