Consolidating Mike G

Mike Gunderloy, one of the most prolific technical writers on the planet, has been doing reviews and columns for ADT for quite a long time. Mike is now going to do the reviews on his own larkware blog and you have probably already seen them. He has also done something that I think he totally deserves to be able to do and I have waited a few weeks to see what I thought of it. And I think it’s totally fine. He has sponsors on his Daily Grind blog posts. This is not the gross sponsorshop that a number of “a-list” bloggers recently did by contracting to find something to say about one particular totally unknown company in their posts periodically. I really did not like that one bit.

But having totally relevant companies subtly added at the end of the Daily Grind’s works for me. Mike works pretty hard on that feed and it is full of relevant and interesting information every single day. I also much prefer having the reviews come to me. I’m not one to go looking on a website every day to see what’s new.

How he finds time to explore so much software and so many books to do these reviews is beyond me.

I do look forward to Mike airing more of his opinion[ated :-)] pieces on the blog. I think he does a great job of keeping many of us in line!

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