DevTeach getting closer

I’m really looking forward to DevTeach and it is only days away.

Here’s what DevTeach looks like for me.

Don Kiely arrives in Burlington. It’s a lot cheaper to fly to Burlington from Alaska than to Montreal, for some reason. Lucky me. Don will come stay with Rich and me (I know that sounds like bad english but really it is correct) and we just HAPPEN to be having a party on Friday night. We had a great time when Don visited us last summer when he spoke at VTdotNet, so he is a welcome guest in our house.

Drive to Montreal with Don and Marc Heinzer from Gardener’s Supply
Canadian User Group Leader Summit: :This meeting is all day, but I will get there in the afternoon and spend the last few hours with them. I will be doing a little presentation on INETA NORAM, where we’ve been, where we are going and also take a good look at the Canada groups as part of our region.
Speaker Dinner: this is always fun and this year J-R and Maryse have also arranged for a bus tour of Montreal before dinner. Afterwards, we will go see the Australian’s entry into the annual fireworks competition.

Sunday: I’ll be giving my Security presentation on Sunday and in addition to the other session, I’m looking forward to Sunday night’s keynote with Steve Swartz from the Inidog Team and Ted Neward.

Monday: My new VS2005 Customized Debugging session is on monday as well as the user group night.

Tuesday This may be a play day for me. I’ll be all done with my talks as of Monday lunchtime, but Don has talks through the end of the day Tuesday. So I may hang around for some of the awesome sessions, or maybe go see some of beautiful Montreal. I rarely get a chance to do stuff like that these days.

update: Wednesday Oh yeah, Don reminds me that it is NOT back to work on Wednesday. We are going hiking. Hmm, I wonder if I can use teh emergency tow rope from the kayak and hook it up to DOn and he can pull me up the mountain? 🙂

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