Microsoft D.E. Thom Robbins moves his blog over to msdn.blogs com

Well unfortunately, it took a little disaster for Thom to finally move is blog from radio userland over to, but I’m happy he did. Thom is the Microsoft Developer Evengelist here in the Northeast and we think he’s the best one in the world (apologies to all of the other D.E.s who are also wonderful). Thom has been putting together a lot of community events mostly at the Waltham (Boston area) office. He just did  Mobility Day and upcoming are the 2nd Code Camp and a cabana event. Unfortunately it’s about 4 hours away so I don’t generally attend these things personally but I seem to always regret that when the post-event blogs start popping up. Thom has also been incredibly supportive of the efforts of us user group leaders as well as twisting my arm encouraging me and others to do more public speaking.

Here’s the direct link to his new blog


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