.NET Community and Katrina

Here are some things from the .NET community that have caught my eye.

Within the .NET community, there are plenty of developers who live in New Orleans. There is even a small .NET user group, GNONUG, run by Manny Dennis, who was an INETA liaison during the time that I was the chair of the related INETA committee.I haven’t heard from him, but I am confident that he, his wife and young child are far away from New Orleans.

Sara Ford at Microsoft is from Mississippi and has been blogging information on the status of family and her town, with a reminder that there are bulletin boards style blogs for relaying information about survivors.

Another Microsoft employee, Bill Steele who is one of the DCC’s ( the folks who present at the MSDN events), is planning to fly his plane to the Gulf Coast to deliver 10,000 MREs. This is coming 3rd hand, but the sources are pretty good.

Don’t Forget: www.acehaid.org

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