Thanks, Scott Guthrie!

When we attended the ASPInsiders Summit in December, I was impressed with the amount of time that many of the ASP.NET Team members spent with us over the three days (and nights) that we were there. Notably were Rich Ersek and Scott Guthrie, but really so many others that spent lots of time with us.

In one of the of the presentations that Scott did for us, we were reminded that he is a coder first and a manager second as he talked about working out some coding concepts on a plane but getting cut short because his laptop battery died.

One of the things that has always been great about Scott is that regardless of his elevation to higher and higher ranks at Microsoft, he’s still, in many ways, just one of the guys, or should I say, just one of the geeks.

I have always been under the assumption that Scott, who is a very busy guy, has some of his lengthy technical posts and tutorials ghost written, but it just isn’t true! He wrote about this in his rendition of "five things you didn’t know about me…" that has been going around the blogosphere.

5) I write all of the blog posts and samples on my blog myself.  A lot of people often ask if I have help doing them – but I actually write all of the posts/tutorials entirely myself (hence the reason I usually post between 10pm and 2am at night <g>).  I’ve posted 217 blog posts over the last 12 months and have responded to ~6500 (non-spam) blog comments this year.  It has kept me busy, but I also find it a lot of fun.

You might also assume that this is just part of his job, but have you ever noticed when his posts are posted? 11:30 pm. 1am. 8:30 pm. etc.

And it just makes me wonder how he does it all, but only adds to the enigma that is Scott. All I can say is that I know I’m one of many many grateful developers!

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One thought on “Thanks, Scott Guthrie!

  1. I completely agree. Not only is he an awesome resource, nice guy, and super-smart dude, he finds time in his day to answer the lesser mortals like us. Several times I’ve bugged him via email about things (either a response to a blog entry or something out of the air). He’s awesome to respond, a talent I need to work on myself.

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