Very proud of one of my clients: MapsAlive

One of my clients rolled out the Beta version of their big project this week – a public website with brilliant plumbing that allows end users to build their own interactive floorplans and maps. Drop your map or plan onto the site, upload pictures that represent views of different locations on the map/plan (a bedroom, a vista on a trail map), link them up, type in some descriptions and voila – you have a beautiful end product that any user can easily navigate. There are no refreshes to bring the various pictures up and I’m not talking AJAX style partial post backs. The photos just transparently change on the page.

It was a major undertaking and is all done in 2.0. I did not do the site, but mentored them through a good chunk of the process. It was wonderful to work with folks who were not only software smart, but their level of attention to the user experience was hugely impressive to me.

It’s called MapsAlive.

Go check it out and it’s a beta – so feedback is appreciated!

Here’s a screenshot of the home page.


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One thought on “Very proud of one of my clients: MapsAlive

  1. Hey Julie,Looks great! Very interesting as I’ve seen these kind of sites (while looking at houses) but didn’t know anyone who built one. Nice job.Of course (and I had to say it) this would be a great app in SharePoint 2007 but hey, nobody’s perfect (ducking).

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