EF & LINQ to SQL queries against spatial data (not SQL Server 2008 though)

[thanks to Roger Jennings for the correction about spatial data]

Samir Bajaj, a developer on the Entity Framework team has begun his blog with a bang.

He describes a sample application (available on MSDN Code Gallery) that can switch  between LINQ to SQL or ENtity Framework, highlighting the differences between the two.

The application targets an business case that he is very familiar with  – searching  a database filled with drawings which are based on a collection of shapes. Samir has a background working for a CAD company and explains that it is a common task to search for drawings that contain particular shapes.

Thanks to SQL Server 2008’s new spatial data, this gets really interesting.

Added: While SQL Server 2008’s spatial data may have been an inspiration, it will not be not supported by LINQ to SQL or EF in the near future, so Samir is using his own techniques with SQL Server 2005.

Check out his blog post and then the app, called Sketchpad (requires SQL Server 2008 CTP)

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