Get Ready for the MSDN Tour, Astoria and Entity Framework

The MSDN Events Tour for Q4 runs from Oct 16 – Dec 31 and hits 51 cities (including Burlington, VT!). One of the sessions is about Astoria* and it is called “A New Paradigm for Data Development with Web Based Data Services”.

Astoria sits on top of Entity Framework, and the session will also give a brief intro to Entity Framework, which thrills me to no end! I can only get to so many user groups to spread the love (which I’ll be doing next Monday, Oct 15th in Montreal by the way!).

If you are interested in preparing yourself better for Astoria by already having a clue about Entity Framework, you can look for my upcoming article in the Nov/Dec issue of CoDe Magazine called “Introducing Entity Framework”.

There are also a bunch of great resources you can keep an eye on:

My Data Access category on this blog

Roger Jennings blog

Mike Taulty’s blog

ADO.NET Team blog

And there are a number of team members writing about Entity Framework. I don’t even have a comprehensive list but I can highly recommend Danny Simmons blog.

For Astoria, check the Astoria team blog.

*my recent spate of astoria posts:

  • What the heck is Astoria?
  • QuickStart For Building An Astoria Data Service
  • More Fun With Astoria: Random Queries In The Browser
  • Astoria is sick (as in SLICK) when it comes to DML!
  • Trying to see what Astoria messages look like in the pipe
  • Custom Operations and Hiding EntitiesInAstoria
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    2 thoughts on “Get Ready for the MSDN Tour, Astoria and Entity Framework

    1. Hey Bill,I’m not an MSDN presenter, so nope. THe presenters are the DCC (Developer Community champions) who are listed on the site.julie

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