LINQ to SQL and stored procedures

I’ve been watching Roger Jennings blog as he forayed into hammering on the use of stored procs in LINQ to SQL. Like a great and supportive pal, I sat on the sidelines while he dug dizzyingly deeper and deeper to try to work out issues with what a stored proc actually returns (different than using LINQ to get dynamic sql) and it’s impact on paging with databound controls as well as loading children. It also impacts the use of LINQDataSource.

I definitely have an interest as I’m doing some more talks on LINQ and Databinding later this fall.

Today he reports that with the required obsessive persistence (grin) and help from Matt Warren, he’s only solved one of the issues he was running into and 1/4 of another one. (It took me a while to figure out his math on that!)

Here is are the related posts:

Problems Using Stored Procedures for LINQ to SQL Data Retrieval  This post has been updated to reflect his up-to-date findings.

Update and summary of the problem is included at the top of this post LINQ and Entity Framework Posts for 9/14/2007+

On a related front, Mike Taulty has started digging into disconnected LINQ to SQL. Mike is one of the web services gentry in my mind, so I definitely trust his conclusions. Rick Strahl has some interesting posts on it as well. I’ve been trying to work out the same scenarios with Entity Framework (with XML serialization and binary) and the challenges and solutions are pretty similar so there’s a ton that we can learn from each other.

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2 thoughts on “LINQ to SQL and stored procedures

  1. Hi, Julie,I’ve only solved 25% of the issues with populating associations, so I guess I need more help from Matt.My wife will enjoy your "obsessive persistence" description.Cheers,–rj

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