Some of my Recent Entity Framework 4 content

Not sure if I’ve blogged all of these (so twitter-addicted these days) so here’s a list of recent articles & webcasts I’ve done on EF4.

CoDe Magazine

DevConnectionsPro Magazine (was aspNETPro Magazine)

(Note that the images for the article can be seen via hyperlinks. Wherever it says “as shown in Figure X”, there’s a hyperlink on Figure X and you can the see the image. Penton is working on the website, so hopefully this will be more obvious in the future.)

  • Entity Framework 4, Beta 2 is Here (Jan 2010) Not online yet

Visual Studio Magazine









Lots of blog posts on EF4 under the EF4 tag:

The Book
I’m hard at work on the 2nd Edition of my book, Programming Entity Framework which will be based on EF4. Look for the Rough Cuts version to appear soon on

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