Tell me why you don’t like Entity Framework

I find that people really want to tell me what’s wrong with Entity Framework. This is a good thing. It’s how I learn. It’s sometimes a little overwhelming, but since I feel like I’m just the messenger, I don’t take any of it personally.

So go ahead.

Tell me why you don’t like Entity Framework. Why you think people should stay away from it (I heard this advice was being given in a SQL Connections talk). Why you want to hit someone. Why it frightens you. Why you think it is a dba’s nightmare. Bring it on.

But only do so with the understanding that I ask only because it will help me understand Entity Framework better. 

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4 thoughts on “Tell me why you don’t like Entity Framework

  1. Hi,

    Working precisely in this area, and looking for a solution for this problem, i’ve seen that this limitation is not resolved in VS2008 SP1.

    So, my question is if will we have this for the EF 4.0.

    Many Thanks.

  2. Hey Rui,

    Is that you who also asked this question at the same time as leaving your comment in that same MSDN forum thread that J pointed to? I’ll watch the thread.

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