The somewhat super secret MSDN docs on EF6

Along with all of the great info on, the MSDN Library has a bunch of documents targeting EF6, currently listed as “Future Version”. There is a “Future Version of EF” page but it doesn’t have links to these articles. And I’ve found some of these to be more current than their related specs on Codeplex.

I’ve only ever found them accidentally via GoogleBing or when bugging someone on the EF team and they send me a link. Since I haven’t found a single location with these links, I am really just selfishly creating this list for myself.

Keep in mind that I may have missed some!

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7 thoughts on “The somewhat super secret MSDN docs on EF6

  1. Read you blog and watched most of your pluralsight training. I think you are great presenter and I definitely learned alot from those lectures.

    I do have a question regarding EF6 provide registration –

    Consider having a startup project that does not reference entity framework. The solution has more than one project that uses EF6.

    Initializing the provider in app.config results in an error:

    Unrecognized configuration section entityFramework

    Trying to use a class that inherits from DbConfig and point the configuration to the class (in the context) using

    [DbConfigurationType("OSAD_Base.EfDbConfiguration, OSAD_Base")]

    errors when the second project is instantiated:

    An instance of 'EfDbConfiguration' was set but this type was not discovered in the same assembly as the 'B1Entities' context'

    What is your recommendation on using multiple EF6 projects?

    I appreciate your input!


  2. I am new to Entity Framework. Well, I guess that I have been using it for quite a while via LINQ but never really dove into it. Wow, Julie, you opened the eyes of this 63 year old C, C# coder and have taught me to have a greater appreciation for EF and for the Microsoft genius’ who put these incredible tools together. Many thanks to you and also to the Pluralsight team…

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