Using Astoria Data Services to drive a Silverlight Application

I wanted to create a demo of Astoria Data Services being used in a Silverlight app for my ReMix07 Boston session on Tuesday. i have created a little screencast of it in action. Read more here…

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5 thoughts on “Using Astoria Data Services to drive a Silverlight Application

  1. Hi Julie,Wanted to check out the video, but I get a page not found error.p.s. I am in Austin at the ALT.NET conference, and your name has been mentioned a few times. It would be great if you make the next conference!Jim

  2. Hello, I came to your blog through your article [www. code-magazine .com/article.aspx?quickid=0611041&page=1 ] from CoDe Magazine. I like your article so much.. The scenario that you mentioned in that article are so similar to SCSF (CAB application) that I’m currently working.I’m using ClickOnce for deploying my smartclient (CAB) application. Suppose: There are two modules called (i.e: Module1, Module2 and Module2) in my system. I deployed this system on my web server by using clickonce technology. After one week, I got new version of "Module1" for my system. So, I deployed my system again with new version of "Module1". When the users of my system launch the application, I wanna show like "The new version of "Module1" is detected, Do you want to download the new version? Y/N".. (Like Firefox’s plugin auto-updater, if there is some new versions of plugin available, it will show the list of plugin that have new versions.)My question is: How can I get the list of latest modules of my system?I was thinking to use CheckForDetailedUpdate method but it doesn’t return the list of updated version.Thanks in advance. Awaiting your reply..

  3. Hi MichaelThis is a little off topic for the Astoria post but…I haven’t spent a lot of time with the ClickOnce APIS, so I can’t answer this question off the top of my head. It seems plausible that the APIs would enable it. If you can’t figure it out from some experiments, you might have better luck with the forums:…/ShowForum.aspx

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