What ever happened to Project Jasper?

An ADO.NET team project called Jasper was announced and demo’d at last year’s MIX conference. I played with the available bits and wrote an article about it for O’Reilly: Build Dynamic Database Applications in .NET with Project Codename “Jasper”

Not much has been heard about Jasper since then, while the other incubator project that was announced at MIX has evolved into ADO.NET Data Services.

Jasper, in the meantime is stagnant and hasn’t even been updated so that it can be used in VS2008.

In the Jasper forum, someone finally just came out with it and asked: “Is Jasper Dead?”

Andy Conrad replies:

We have no news about Project Jasper because we really have nothing interesting to report.

The project team wants to port the code base/ functionality over to the DLR, hence we are waiting for that to mature before doing so.  We are also thinking of doing a DLR based Astoria client with Jasper like functionality, but need to get Astoria V1 done.

As I have posted before, if folks want us to update the Jasper CTP for VS 2008 RTM or have any ideas of what direction we should go in, they should post to the newsgroup or send email. 

So it sounds like there was not enough interest expressed in the project and therefore it is just shelved for now.

As Holger Froebe suggests in reply to Andy’s answer, if there was a VS2008 version for people to play with, more people would very likely be playing with it and help drive interest.

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