Where are the EF4 providers?

Thanks to Danny Simmons‘ comment below clarifying that the provides that support EF3.5 will still work for EF4 "just without new provider affecting features like model first."

As far as I can tell, and confirmed by Fabio Pandolfo (@fabiopand on twitter) who is also on the hunt, DevArt’s Oracle provider might be the only 3rd party provider that is currently somewhat supporting EF4, though they are publically claiming Beta 2 support, not VS2010RC.  If you read this thread on their forums, you’ll see why I qualify that with “somewhat”.

If you have any clues about the status of other EF providers and their support for EF4, leave a comment here.

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10 thoughts on “Where are the EF4 providers?

  1. I just checked the MySql dev build and it doesn’t support VS2010 yet. Hopefully more providers will get on board before the VS2010 launch, but it seems like they may be waiting for a final release to officially support it.

  2. Hi did a project for one of my customers with EF4 Beta 1 and Oracle Data Direct provider. I just need to change myself the machine.config of my computer to be able to use it. Than it works fine except for a very complex LINQ query (arround 60 lines!) which worked fine with SQL Server. I had to split it on 3 queries (each executed on the DB) to be able to use it.

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