ASP.NET 2.0 Migration Tool

Have you tried out the new ASP.NET 2 Migration tool that the ASP.NET team was hoping to get feedback on? Time is running short. I tried a small app. It’s small, but criticial to a client and does file transfers, file reads and writes, database access, forms authentication and a huge amount of inspection of very complex xml files.

If you don’t count the time I took to recreate my database on the test machine, setting all the proper permissions etc, the migration took about 30 seconds and then another 5 minutes to test all of the functions of the application which worked perfectly.

Great job folks.

If you have some free time in the next few days,  go run the tool and send your feedback (including the conversion.txt file) to webwish at Here is Scott Guthrie’s post with more info and the links for the downloads.

The more complicated your application is, the more useful your feedback will be.

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