Code Camp II in Waltham (Boston area) – Drawing speakers from far away and Cabana Night at Boston.NET

I’m impressed to see that Kent Tegels is coming all the way from Omaha, Nebraska to speak at Code Camp II in Microsoft’s Waltham, MA (Boston area) office. Now he says something in his blog about this being another stop on his tour. So I don’t know what that’s about but it’s great that there will be some geographical diversity among the presenters.

Also coming from out of town is DonXML (Don Demsak) who lives in New Jersey.

They have humbled me since I’m only 4 hours away but will not be participating as it’s my birthday weekend and I thought I would spend some time with my hubby! (I will no longer be representing the number that is the answer to the universe…hopefully something even better this time. I cannot tell you how many people I know in our community that happen to be this age.) I also had to decline Cabana Night at Boston.NET since I will be just driving back from 2 user group nights in a row in Montreal — GUVSM presenting on WSE2 Security on Oct. 4th and GUMSNET on Oct 6th presenting on .NET 2.0 BCL for ASP.NET developers. Montreal is 2 hours north and Boston is 4 hours south. So it doesn’t work out too well.

By the way, check out who Boston.NET leader Chris Pels and Thom Robbins have lined up for Cabana Night:

Richard Hale 

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