Common Problem Deploying WSE dependent Client Applications

Well, I bet it’s common though I only found ONE post on the whole internet about it so I better add a little noise here, too. This is for WSE1.0. I will ahve to look into this in WSE2.0! I installed my client app onto another machine. It’s not on my domain so was synching against the internet time (a setting in Adjust Time/Date). My dev machine was synching against my own server which was +6 minutes.

(I’m starting to think of some UTC posts Clemens Vasters wrote a while aback that mystified me at the time…I’ll have to look )

Anyway, I was very quickly getting a Microsoft.Web.Services.Timestamp.TimestampFault error with teh message “Message Expired”. And the reason for this was that they tiem on my client app’s box was probably very different than the webservdr it was going out to (different also than my own domain). The easy solution is to set the timeout to “0”  (i.e. no time-out) on waiting for a response from the web services, but that’s not good to me, because I don’t want to make the user sit around all day waiting.

For now, I will just have to control this by controlling the installs (still not released yet) but eventually I will want a tighter solution. Thanks to Peter Bromberg of Egghead Cafe who answered the original question in the above referenced thread. That’s my kinda egghead! 

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