First time letting a designer muck with my pages

There is a super duper young guy at one of my client’s who is a very talented graphic artist with plenty of java website experience – you now… one of those Mac users :-). He was tasked with adding a little more flare to some of the internal websites I have done for his company. I was a little nervous about how this would affect my websites. I sent him the html for the pages he was to work on and he sent me html pages back. All I had to do was copy and paste the key segments from the html he returned back into my original pages and upload the revised aspx along with some stylesheets and a separate images folder and voila – new look, same old functionality. That was my first experience partnering with someone on the UI portion of sites. So I’m glad it worked out well. Oh, I had warned him not to touch the <asp: > controls or I would chop off his head, so that seemed to pay off. (And I believe his ego has recovered from the threat…)

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