Focus of my BCL talk

I think that the focus of my BCL talk (here and here) has finally congealed. My talk is supposed to be about level 200 +. My target audience corporate developers (not plumber types) who may already be using .NET or might not even be there yet. So the focus of my talk is going to be that Microsoft has figured out what things people are struggling to do. A lot of these things are those that the average developer would never attempt or may just not be familiar with. However, the tasks that are being accomplished should absolutely be part of every developers “quiver” (as we say in the ski-bum world). A perfect example of this is the DoubleBuffered property of the windows.forms.control (and it’s counterpart the new System.Drawing.BufferedGraphics). It helps reduce flickering by parlaying the graphics data to a buffer and then when it is all together, flipping it back to the display. Skilled developers with graphic intensive applications have realized a need for this and gone to the effort of orchestrating code to make this happen. The average developer might just accept a little flickering in their form and be done with it. But a simple property like this will now help that average developer put a little more polish in their application. And therefore I feel like it is my mission (in this talk) to help ensure that the average developer does not miss out on the fact that these very simple solutions now exist to help them be above average.

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