Get the NEW Silverlight NOW (Go Live License)

ScottGu describes SilverLight as three parts.

We’ve seen the media capabilities of silverlight. That’s the first chunk of it.

The second is the .NET capabilites of the run time … from ScottGu’s lips “a cross platform runtime of the .NEt Framework”.

(IT IS ON THE WEB RIGHT NOW as Silverlight 1.1 Alpha!!!! Note that the Silverlight 1.0 Beta is also released today. 1.0 does not have the .NET run time but it does have a goLive license.)

The third is a new service called silverlight Streaming. You can push your silverlight assets (media etc. up to 4GB) onto a Microsoft server and it will push it out to your websites for you so you don’t have to worry about server capabilities or getting slash-dotted. 😉 (This of course will scare people… about putting their code on Microsoft’s servers… but that’s another story..)

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